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"Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things" Peter Drucker

Story Wise® Story Wise®

Stories have a directness and wisdom that is speaking to our imagination and thereby give directions for the future. They encompass our identity and destiny, both for individuals and organisations. They are enormously powerful if they are brought to consciousness with skill and experience. In a one-on-one meeting we follow the stream of your story […]

Leadership & strategy Leadership & strategy

As a leader you are focused on tasks and results as well as your staff, in line with the strategy of your organisation. The first step in effective leadership is to trust and rely upon your own potential. This gives you the flexibility you need to serve the many needs of your team members, your […]

The Birkman®  method The Birkman® method

The Birkman® evaluates your perception of the world as well as your views on work and life. It demonstrates what this means for your personal interests, your behaviour and your needs in relation to your work environment. The questions that The Birkman® addresses include: What would be the most effective work style for me? What […]


What customers say

  • I’ve had the pleasure to have Bertine as a coach during my time at the Nyenrode Business University. She was leading a group of interim managers through several intervision sessions. During this time she showed great skill in focussing the discussions and adding structure while keeping a open and flexible environment. Besides that she also provided the team with valuable feedback and knowledge.

    - Geert Valk, Operations manager IT
  • The coaching at Work Wise helped me enormously in a time where I wanted to focus on my qualities and talents. Bertine is a patient, highly driven professional with a profound insight in personal development matters. She helped me a great deal in making the right choices and choosing a path that is most suitable. Never I doubted my choices since then.

    - Accountmanager

  • Bertine is a creative Talent- and career coach. Her Gestalt background, her experience in working with groups and individuals, and definitely her knowing of what makes people tick, creates insights and movement. As a trainer of ‘De manager als Loopbaancoach’ she established an excellent result enabling managers to define their role as a coach.”

    - Officer Learning & development, Movares

  • “Very effective. Learned a lot of myself and the others too. I think very open atmosphere was created.”
    “This time – at our request – more theory was brought in. This resulted in a good link between our personal questions and the theory.” “The only true ‘cut-the-crap’ session. Very good.” “Excellent, both as a person and as a process keeper.” “Good confidential atmosphere. Sincere interest in each other.”

    - Learning Support Groups Management Development Programme Akzo Nobel