The Birkman® evaluates your perception of the world as well as your views on work and life. It demonstrates what this means for your personal interests, your behaviour and your needs in relation to your work environment. The questions that The Birkman® addresses include:

  • What would be the most effective work style for me?
  • What would be the most effective management style for me?
  • What do I need from my colleagues and managers to function well in my job?
  • What could be potential pitfalls for me, and how can I avoid them?
  • What kind of work inspires me the most?
  • What job would give me the best chances of success?
  • How can it be that we, as a team, always end up repeating the same old patterns?
  • How can I improve cooperation with my direct colleagues, other staff members and clients?

Career and talent management
The Birkman® indicates which job tasks and work environments would suit your strengths, interests and needs best of all. The report offers you a valuable set of tools, for the long term as well as the short term, with which you will be able to successfully manage your talents and your career.

Personal development
More than any other method, The Birkman® describes your behavioural patterns in relation to your environment: behaviour that makes you successful as well as behaviour you exhibit under stress. You will gain insight – or a greater insight – into your own possibilities, not only in terms of organising your tasks effectively but also in terms of communicating successfully with your colleagues, managers and clients.

Leaderschip development
Especially for the benefit of managers, The Birkman® offers reports that illustrate and elaborate on management and coaching styles, decision making processes and problem solving abilities.

Team development
With the presentation of a visually appealing and effective report, with clear terminology to match, a common language is developed. Team strengths and weaknesses as well as team differences and additions quickly become apparent.

Why The Birkman® is so special

  • The Birkman® is non-judgmental: each individual is unique. There is no number-one ‘best’ style; there are many different styles.
  • The Birkman® is interactive: more than any other method, it takes as its starting point the relationship of the individual with the environment.
  • The Birkman® offers a visually attractive and lucid report: it lists the outcome of a questionnaire that takes an hour at most to complete.
  • The Birkman® has a solid scientific foundation: it is the result of permanent research based on data collected from well over 4 million participants.
  • The Birkman® can form part of any programme specifically designed to address coaching and career orientation, leadership issues, team building processes and management development.

How it works
The questionnaire will be sent to you online. After you have completed the questions, which will take an hour of your time at most, the list will be processed. Your Birkman consultant will then discuss the report with you during your first session.

The Birkman is now available in 18 languages: Dutch, English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Korean, Polish, Russian and Arabic.

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