gezichtIn order to stay healthy and happy in a demanding work environment, it is important that you take good care of yourself,  that you set the right priorities and that you stay in touch with your environment. We use coaching sessions to help you find  – or perhaps redefine – the balance you need.  We can also show you how to stay in control and on top of events. After all, it is you who holds the steering wheel in navigating your career.

Another factor is the extent to which you succeed in influencing your environment in a positive way. All factors related to your personal effectiveness call for clear insights  into your own character and personality, your usual and preferred work strategies, and your set of values in life and work. Finally, you need to determine your own communication strategies as well as those demonstrated by your colleagues, managers, clients and suppliers.

The next step
Your next move may prove to be a next step in your organisation but it could just as well involve a step outside the company. Whatever the considerations, our discussions will always present you with a new career perspective.

In our career coaching programmes, we always align our approach and advice with your personality, your present career situation, your personal potential and the possiblities offered by your organisation or the labour market. In every single phase of your career, coaching can be of assistance.

The peak and beyond
You have an excellent track record in your line of business, with high levels of professionality and a sound knowledge of your field. You have reached the mid-career stages of your life. Even though you may currently see no reason for an imminent career switch, the issue nevertheless crosses your mind every now and then. Additionally, you may experiencing a mid-life crisis and want to reassess your achievements in terms of their dreams. This may result in a desire to make significant changes in areas such as career, work-life balance and in other areas of your life.

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