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Organisations are in the best possible position to reach their strategic and operational goals when employees and managers are able to apply and develop their talents in the best possible way. Employees are best served by managers who can recognise individual as well as team talents and who can create the right conditions for these talents to grow even further.

We approach the field of organisational development by integrating the various perspectives:

  • Talent Development
  • Leadership &  Management Development
  • Career Perspectives > Mobility Programmes
  • Cooperation > Team Building and Team Training
  • HR en business development perspective.

In our learning & development services and tailor-made programmes, we take into consideration people’s unique and specific talents, their age and gender, their cultural backgrounds and their position in life. In our approach, HRM infrastructure as offered by the organisation itself always plays a leading role.

Mission and approch

It is mission to enhance the personal and professional potential of individuals through career, co-operation, talent, leaderschip and organisational development. Often the programs include multidisciplinary input also from line management, blended learning and action learning through strategically important projects.

I offer a harbour for individuals and organisations who wish to reflect upon their situation, to gain valuable new insights and to develop new and refreshing practices.

Some characteristics of my approach are:

  • Integrated approach of management, talent, career, leadership and team development.
  • Interaction between academic knowledge and practice.
  • Use of story telling including appreciative inquiry, interviewing and narrative inquiry (individually, supervision
    and organisational development);
  • Action learning and research.

Supported by more than 20 years of experience in guiding transitions and change in an organisations, I can shed a clear light on people’s true motivations in life and on ways in which individuals and organisations may grow and develop. It is a pleasure to share our knowledge and expertise with you. My approach is personal, practical and professional.

An intake interview always precedes our projects and programmes. This is done first of all to see how we can establish a proper ‘match’. Then we also determine the aim and the design of the project or the programme.

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