storytellingStories have a directness and wisdom that is speaking to our imagination and thereby give directions for the future. They encompass our identity and destiny, both for individuals and organisations. They are enormously powerful if they are brought to consciousness with skill and experience.

In a one-on-one meeting we follow the stream of your story with attention. Key elements in your story can lead to meaningful insights, like delving the gold that is hidden beneath the surface of riverbanks.

During intervision every learning question and business case that participants introduce, is in fact a story. Telling your story and investigating the story in a peer group is not only informative. It is connective and transformative. De insights gained during the meeting are both for the storyteller and the peer group useful and a great learning experience.

Working with stories according to the ‘Narrative inquiry’ method, is prominently useful to elicit the tacit knowledge that is existing in organization. From the content of the stories and the way the stories are told, one can gain valuable insight about the developing state of the organization. Next to that qualitative informative can also provide a story about significant strategic and developmental issues for the organization.

Ps. Please notice the vibrant interviews in ‘Another State of Mind’ with former minister of Finance and CEO of the IMF Johannes Witteveen, CEO of Jeff Smulyan of Emnis communications and other great leaders. These interviews show how their personal history, values, sources of inspirations and motivation is leading to extraordinary leadership.




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